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Default Re: where do you buy pig intestines

Originally Posted by Dasher
Well I am Bahamian. I just don't like pork period. The smell of it cooking is enough to ruin my day. Bacon has an awful taste, and I don't understand why Americans put it on everything. When they want to improve a dish, the first thought is to throw some bacon and/or cheese on that mothaf*cker.
*****. I have a girlfriend who was around last fall when I was butchering a hog. she claims she still cant eat any pork products (and shes a lousiana girl with all the associations and pork dependence in their dishes). Me, on the other hand, raised a pig named pinchy just so I could say "I wish pinchy were here to enjoy this" while I ate her. For the record, I didnt eat the uterus. Just let rufus borrow it to fill with his Manyonaise.
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