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Default Re: pickup/league play Weekly brag (post yours here!)

[quote=Automajic23]Got a rough 1st round exit from the 6th seed team in the post season of my North Philly league. We were up by 5 with 5min to go and they ran a set play for their best shooter twice, who buried 2 3s in the corner. We fought neck and neck till the final minute, having to foul because it was running clock.

I only scored 6 pts but was really efficient (me and our other leading scorer only combined for 8pts, we both avg 9.5ppg) our guards had the hot hands for this one. But I did have many 'birdman' moments, I think i finished with 5-6 blocks and 9 boards. I was so hyped on defense and wasn't really calling for the ball on O because our guards caught fire. Pretty much means nothing though cuz we lost.

The 7th seed played the 2nd seed before our match. With 54 seconds on the clock the 7th seed was surprisingly only down 1. One of their players was dribbling the ball at the top of the key literally for about 40 seconds.. like WTF ARE U DOING U NEED A BUCKET. Then he calls timeout and the refs stop the game, then check the tables and see that THEY HAVE NO MORE TIME OUTS. He gets a TECH F for it and the other team shoots a freethrows and gets the ball. GAME OVER. [/

how long are your games? 2 20 minute halfs?

i almost dunked on 2 dudes last time i played. It was last thursday, i was in the corner, and my friend is dribbling at the high wing. He beats his guy off the dribble and my guy goes to help. He gets to about the elbow then sees that im WIDE open. he kicks me the ball then i took one dribble baseline. There was a guy on the other side of the key when i first began my dribble and i could see him running over, and out of the corner of my eye i could see the guy that was originally gaurding me comming back down. So im thinkin if anything that the guy comming from the weak side is going to try and jump with me and is going to get some nuts on his forehead. Well, i took my dribble and jumped off one foot, went up with 2 hands, and the guy from the elbow hacks the **** out of me, along with the guy from the weakside gettin his licks in. i didn't get the dunk down, they called the foul, and that was it. I hit my hand on the rim pretty hard and there was a couple of chunks of skin missin from my wrist and i was bleeding from my kunckles and a finger. lol
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