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Default Re: My Long Twist on a Mock Draft

Originally Posted by DwadeOverLebron
sorry hardens not going #8, he's a top 5 lock! and jordan hill is not going #3?!? i don't care what mock drafts says... a mock draft is exactly what it is, a mock draft... i feel most pro scouts realize jordan hills a high energy hustle guy like a verajao, noah, amundson, miki moore... isn't it funny how all these guys kinda look like each other? PUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL anyways those type of players are not lottery worthy altho i have a feeling some late lottery will take a bite on him and jordan hill goes #9-12, i also have ;psycho tyler hansbrough going to the bulls at #16

On my side of it I have Harden going two, and Hill falling to eight, so I guess we agree.
I think what may happen though is that the depth at the SG spot, and the fact that Harden will more than likely look a lot better actually playing basketball than he does working out, may cause him to slip some. And vice versa, Hill will move up because he'll look great in workouts, and there is almost no depth at the big spots in this draft. It's not what I would do personally, but I wouldn't be shocked if it happened that way.
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