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Default Re: where do you buy pig intestines

Originally Posted by Dasher
The goat was well taken care of up until I decided that it was curry goat time. I primarily fed him beer, walked him, and avoided letting him eat garbage. He was delicious. Young Michael Jordan the GOAT, will be missed. Killing him was difficult. He knew what was about to happen, and struggle. My brothers and I wrestled him down, bound his legs, and I slashed his throat. He suffocated on his own blood. It was grisly. I wish I could have cloned his taste. I also sold his balls to my neighbor. Some people like to grill and eat them. The Dash Mane does not.
yeah, killing the animal is the hardest part (emotionally or whatever). Still, you know they had a good life and you raised them to eat them. I killed a mother pig in front of her youngins once. They did not like me after that. Funny, I killed the dad in front of all of them (mom and kids) and they didnt really care. But the ones that are almost pet like (the mom pig was like that) are the hardest. I couldnt kill our milkgoats. Sold em instead.
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