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Default Re: Zo getting mad on Pro's vs Joe's

Zo actually got swatted towards the end. He tried some tired backwards half hook and got blocked.

I thought a lot of the fouls Zo was complaining about weren't even that bad, and some of them were just him being a crybaby. It didn't help the Joe Zo was guarding was talking so much **** to him in the beginning, while Zo was completely tired out.

And yeah i think the Pro's would've done a lot better if they had a PG to get loose balls. They still got beat in the first game, and probably should've lost the 2nd. The way i see it is NBA players are overrated to a degree, especially considering how Lebron jumped from being more dominating in the NBA than he was in high school. Although its tough to be really dominating without a huge size advantage in high school with the way everything seems so crowded, compared to NBA's more open space.
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