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Default Re: Zo getting mad on Pro's vs Joe's

Originally Posted by Smokee
Zo actually got swatted towards the end. He tried some tired backwards half hook and got blocked.

I thought a lot of the fouls Zo was complaining about weren't even that bad, and some of them were just him being a crybaby. It didn't help the Joe Zo was guarding was talking so much **** to him in the beginning, while Zo was completely tired out.

And yeah i think the Pro's would've done a lot better if they had a PG to get loose balls. They still got beat in the first game, and probably should've lost the 2nd. The way i see it is NBA players are overrated to a degree, especially considering how Lebron jumped from being more dominating in the NBA than he was in high school. Although its tough to be really dominating without a huge size advantage in high school with the way everything seems so crowded, compared to NBA's more open space.

how much of Lebron did you actually watch in high school...Having seen him in person twice and a couple games on TV he was a lot more dominant in high school then his first 2 years in the NBA...

And NBA players are only overrated to those who havent been around them. People treat them like gods but most are just regular guys who are a step faster or couple inches taller etc...

The fact that 3 in shape guys could beat ex nba players is not far fetched. I guarantee that 2 guys I ball with would beat them rather easily. They are slow out of shape and could barely contest shots. Get 3 former starters(about 25-30) from a low level D-1 or D2 or even good D-3 team and put them against 40 year old NBA players(average NBA players) who arent in game shape and you have a decent game.

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