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Default Re: pickup/league play Weekly brag (post yours here!)

Originally Posted by Automajic23

Yes 2 20 minute halves and they stop clock @ 2min in the 2nd half.
Ive never lost skin trying to dunk a ball, although when I finally started getting my ups, I developed these black blisters on my fingers, and one of them exploded on the rim one day. Had to get the rim cleaned up lol, my skin toughened up though

yea that **** sucks. i've never had blisters though, that seems rough.

got some good run in today, ****ed up my pinky though. i was guarding this guy on a fast break, i picked him up about halfway between halfcourt and the top of the 3 point line. he did like 4 of these gay ass in and out dribbles in a row but i didn't bite at all, he started to get out of control and extended his arm and hit my chest. i feel back kinda wierd and when i got up my i couldn't feel my pinky LOL. i got feeling back in it like 10 minutes later. i think i ****ed it up becuase the distance between my ring and pinky on that hand is about twice as it is on the other hand.
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