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Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
A steady progression isnt Sterns doing. It happened all over the sports world. KG, shaq, Arod, Mcnabb, and so on all got deals in thre 100-130 million dollar range in like a 6 year period. I dont think Stern made the NFL and MLB contracts get bigger.

Stern doesnt control all marketing. There are entire divisions that handle that. Stern doesnt control TV rights. Channels bid and he took the highest ones. Stern helped oversee the change from promoting teams ot promoting players but the league was on its way up before him.

According to your argument, NHL players' contracts should be monumental, too, but they're not.

Plus, you're right. Stern doesn't control all marketing, TV rights, and all of the other details, but he is the COMMISSIONER. In other words, he is the president, or CEO of the NBA. He is in charge of the general direction of the NBA. The people who are in charge of marketing and tv rights got their wheels rolling because of Stern. He probably hired them, and if they weren't doing their jobs properly, probably fired them and hired more competent individuals.

Saying that Stern should be fired from the NBA is like saying that Bill Gates should have been fired from Microsoft.
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