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Default Re: pickup/league play Weekly brag (post yours here!)

Been playing center court @ Drexel a lot this week, so instead of the usual scrubs I can do whatever I want on, I was running with bigger more athletic kids which made my athleticism and strength look pretty mediocre. Anyway, couldn't beat everyone with the ball in my hands, everyone plays really good team ball/defense here so I was killing it moving without the ball. had some sweet curls = pull ups from the baseline and the elbow, got a few nice hits down low on dives, game tying 3 pter (we play 1s n 2s), and then pulled up @ the freethrow line for the game winner.

Been playing so well since last summer (won playoffs and finals mvp in the league) and I really want to improve my agility and strength so I can be unguardable at my level of play, but ever since the playoff upset over the weekend I've been having trouble finding the motivation.

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