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According to your argument, NHL players' contracts should be monumental, too, but they're not.

If hockey mattered in America I assume they would. Hockey is mostly a canada thing.

Plus, you're right. Stern doesn't control all marketing, TV rights, and all of the other details, but he is the COMMISSIONER. In other words, he is the president, or CEO of the NBA. He is in charge of the general direction of the NBA. The people who are in charge of marketing and tv rights got their wheels rolling because of Stern. He probably hired them, and if they weren't doing their jobs properly, probably fired them and hired more competent individuals.

Things going well while youre in charge doesnt mean youre doing a great job. Plenty of presidents have had America do fine under them with nothing notable done by them. The NBAs success has too many factors to give any one man credit. And if you had to give one man credit....its not him. Its Michael Jordan.

Saying that Stern should be fired from the NBA is like saying that Bill Gates should have been fired from Microsoft.

Bill Gates basically created microsoft and made it among the the biggest companies in the world. Stern was handed control of the 3rd biggest sport in america and led it to being....the 3rd biggest sport in america with Nascar catching up. Major difference.

Most of what he did is not **** it up when it was heading in the right direction. Which is a positive...but its far from making him the savior of the league.
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