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KBlaze, you make good videos, but it is obvious, that you are not an MBA-wielding executive who is in a deserved position to criticize the commissioner of the NBA.

So an "executive" has a better idea about the direction of the league than a lifelong fan?

Please. Common sense alone shows Stern didnt do much of what you said. You claim we should look at how much players make in comparison to say...our evidence of Sterns doings. When a decade before Stern took over NBA players had the biggest contracts in the history of the world for athletes. And top NBA guys made more than 99.99% of america in the late 60s.

You tell us to look at the fact that the NBA is on all these channels. Guess what? A lot of the media outlets that exist today didnt exist in the 70s and 80s before stern and those that did were not nearly as major. Stern didnt create ESPN or make it cover all these leagues. ESPN has on NBA, Tennis, NFL, MLB, Nascar, and so on. Stern didnt do that. Any commish would get in on it. Whats some guy gonna say? "Oh can cover the rest of sports...I want the NBA poorly covered"? Its a sports network. Stern cant be given credit for the NBA not being on TNT before him. TNT didnt exist until 1988.

Stern didnt invent international media and satellite coverage overseas. The Dream team, Sabonis, Drazen, and so on have as much to do with basketball blowing up all over the world. Stern didnt create the dream team either. Sabonis killing college kids in 88 made them needed. Fiba made a rule change to allow pros. he might have been involved but he sure as hell didnt create interest in basketball all over the world. baseball is more international than its ever been. football is more international than its ever been. soccer has always been all over. SPORTS IN GENERAL have spread all over the world with the media age and more resources.

Youre giving this guy credit for **** he had zero to do with nd tell me I dont know enough of the league to criticize the commissioner? I know the NBA had issues holding it back before stern many of which went away without him. I know networks popped up all over the world and the computer/media age came about making all sports more interntational. I know NBA players made more than any other athletes in the 70s and baseball and the NFLs contracts rose along with the NBAs totally independant of Stern.

I know I dont need to be an "executive" to have common sense and see that Stern has not taken the league beyond its spot as of the mid 80s(3rd in america) and if it did raise it wasnt because of him. If it passed boxing he didnt do it. the Lack of great boxing/heavyweights did it. NBA has not passed baseball and is being caught by Nascar.

Stern in 20 years is getting credit for things done all over the sports world. Players being more well known worldwide and getting more money. Both started before him and go on in other sports he cant control. The NBA has not moved past any major American sport that was ahead of it when he took over and has not made one major advancment that cant be tied to either the players ability or the advancments in the media/cable neither of which he did.

I dont need to be an "MBA-wielding executive" to see the obvious. But I do have a business degree. And it gives me no information on this issue that being an observant fan doesnt. You disagree? Fine. But you sure arent telling me anything to suggest im wrong. Least of all my lack of being an "MBA-wielding executive".

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