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Default Re: Chad Ford Article on Blake Griffin RE: Pre-Draft Workout

Everyone has been asking me about Griffin's height. I didn't see him measured. Coach Hill said he's 6-foot-10 in shoes, though if I were to guess, I'd say 6-foot-9. He was noticeably taller than Kenny Thomas, who's listed as 6-foot-7. Either way, I don't think it's going to matter -- regardless of how he measures, he's the No. 1 pick.

This is big for me. Like he said, it doesn't matter as far as the draft goes, but to me it can change his long term projection.

I like Jeff Adrian too. I'd like to have seen them next to each other, because Adrian is a bit undersized for the four. He's got an odd little elbow face up game that would pair well next to a big low post guy because he can play high low. Unfortunately, he doesn't finish that well around the rim in traffic, something that's not likely to improve professionally, but I think he could stick as a bench player, like a Chuck Hayes.
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