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Default Re: If you were NJ GM for the summer...

I would (if i could),

1. Send Josh Boone to PHX for Twin, and tear it up with some Twin Lopez Towers, Stanford-Style.
2. Untrade Simmons and Yi for RJ.
3. Send Ager to the NBL (Australia. I live there, and he would be a superstar in our league)
4. Resign Boki
5. Draft Patrick Mills (Again, the aussie thing)
6. Get Sean Williams off the Pot (and into anger management).

C- B. Lopez/Williams
PF- R. Lopez/Anderson/Najera
SF- RJ/Boki
SG- VC/Hayes/CDR
PG- Dev/Dooling/Mills

Its dumb, i know.

But it worked in my NBA09 franchise!

PS. If all else fails, dump Cap for the rest of the year, and sign L-Train next season. HOVA will love it.

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