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Default Re: Hint:NBA Rigging Lottery To Give Knicks #1 Pick

Originally Posted by Foster5k
Doubt it's rigged, but Rubio isn't going to be sh!t. People saying he going to be the next Steve Nash.

This might be worst than Adam Morrison....

If Rubio better than JJ Riddick, I'll be surprised... I know it's too early to tell.. it's just my opinion. Some people think he might be the next Steve Nash, etc.. but I don't.
What the **** does Ricky Rubio have to do with JJ Redick?

You obviously dont care or dont know so you just needed to think of a white player to compare Rubio to, but Rubio is Spanish so you have to compare him to Jose Calderon just because.

You make me ashamed to be a black poster on ISH you assclown.
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