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Default Re: pickup/league play Weekly brag (post yours here!)

Originally Posted by Steezygotups
alright, just got back from the gym me n my friend were runnin some drills, two kids walk in first thing they say "yo you wanna play some two's" so i say sure. i open up the game with two threes and mid range from the elbow 5-0. one of the kids gets a little angry and i tell him "its alright bro" the game goes on and i end up scoring all our points up to 11, all jumpers keep in mind. this kid does not take it well and starts talkin ****(for some reason, right after i just torched them)sayin how his cousin is "soo much better than me" saying "you cant stop me"..dont know how that one makes any sense. and as im about to leave hes still blabbin, shoots a little J from the free throw line and yells at me "NOW THATS HOW YOU SHOOT A JUMPER!" hahahah, man i just thought it was hilarious how this kid was actin, annoyed the **** outta me, unwritten rule, cant talk **** if you get tooorrccheed brooo. haha

lollllll so wait how old are u and how old were the kids, buncha punks! lollll
yeah idk how people can talk trash when they gettin burned
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