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Default Re: NBA rescinds technical foul on Kobe Bryant from Game 6

Originally Posted by Sriracha
No dude, only a select player get special treatment and Kobe is one of them. I thought to myself "No freaking way" when I read the thread title, it was a freaking technical and they rescinded...whats next a personal foul.

Right, and he was handed a flagrant for another foul before.

Artest also had a foul taken away before. So how is it SOLELY just SPECIAL treatment?

The SIMPLE FACT THAT SHOULD BE DISCUSSED HERE is the fact that the officials KEEP recinding fouls or handing them out AFTER the fact.

But NOPE NOPE NOPE....This is going to turn into yet another whiney complaining thread because, YEP...YOU GUESSED IT FOLKS, ITS KOBE BRYANT.
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