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Default Most 2009 NBA draft prospects are scrubs...

According to ESPN here's their Top 10, and what I think of them:

The Good:
1. Blake Griffin - Might be a future all-star, but has no superstar potential.
4. James Harden - May be the only surprise in the draft (See: Eric Gordon).
8. Stephen Curry - He's the next Mo Williams. Will make a good complimentary shooter.

The Bad:
2. Ricky Rubio - Slated as the next Nash, but will fail to live up to the hype.
3. Hasheem Thabeet - Might be solid, but Tyson Chandler is his ceiling... IE: another wasted top 3 pick.
5. Jordan Hill - Athleticism will only get you so far as a Hakim Warrick clone.
10. James Johnson - His versatility is intriguing, but won't make any real noise.

The Ugly:
6: DeMar DeRozan - He'll be the first one to see the D-League.
9. Brandon Jennings - Suprised he struggled so badly overseas and gets projected top 10.

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