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Default Re: Most 2009 NBA draft prospects are scrubs...

Derozan could play in the DLeague, or he could play in the rooke game. He seemed very, very raw and scared in the first half of the season at USC, but he really came on strong in the tournaments. I'd guess that his rookie season will be kind of similar, with him playing ten to fifteen minutes per game for the first few months and looking like an enormous bust while he gets a feel for the pro game and learns to use his physical tools, but that he'll wind up playing 30 minutes a game for the last month or two of the season while putting up something like 13 and 5. Also, even though he's known solely as a physical player without a very good finesse game, he actually does have a decent jumper, and he should actually become a reasonable three point shooter in a few years. I actually could see him putting up Caron Butler or Igoudala-type numbers within four years, albeit with fewer assists.

Jennings seems nice. He's raw as hell, and he could easily be the next Telfair, but I think that Europe has helped him mature, which should make him more receptive to coaching and advice once he hits the league.

The Rubio hate on here seems kind of excessive. Has anyone seen many Spanish League games? Not a rhetorical question, too; I've looked all over the internet for game footage of Rubio and there doesn't seem to be much.
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