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Default Re: The Official NBA Draft Lottery Thread: Tuesday, 5/19

Originally Posted by GiveItToBurrito
Come oooooooon Wizards! In a perfect world, the Wizards get Griffin, the Knicks get Rubio, and Thabeet goes to Memphis (I actually don't like the Grizzlies one way or the other, but I think Thabeet would fit in well there, assuming Gasol can play power forward and the high post).

Other than Griffin, I would be happy if the Wizards could get Rubio, Harden, Jennings, or Derozan (assuming we can send him to the DLeague for a while).
I have to be one of the only Knick fans that doesn't want Rubio. Just think he's gonna be a bust. This is how I THINK it will pan out(If the Knicks got any of these picks):

#1- Blake Griffin
#2- Rubio/Thabeet
#3- Thabeet/Rubio

#8- Stephen Curry
#9- Jonny Flynn (I think 9th is kinda high for him, though)
#10- Demar DeRozan
#11- Jrue Holiday/Terrence Williams

Depending who we draft, I think we could afford to S&T Lee or Robinson for a later pick.
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