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Default Re: The Official NBA Draft Lottery Thread: Tuesday, 5/19

Lol, I think my favorite part of this whole draft was reading the live threads with all the conspiracy nuts running around like chickens with their heads cut off. They literally had a reason why each pick was rigged or why they chose not to rig it this year. I even read a knick fan complaing that the league fixes the draft so only small market teams could win. Imagine that. Lol all those conspiracy predictions, and when they're wrong they don't even care. On realgm there was a guy that was like "whoa, that was exactly what I predicted they would do if they were too scared to rig it for ny...." like he caught the league red handed or something. Freaking awesome.

Oh yeah, and get this... the Grizzlies moved up as compensation for the Pau Gasol trade! Ha ha ha ha. You know what? During the Lakers Rockets game I saw a laser sight pointed right at Yao's foot right before it was fractured. Obviously they sent a sniper with futuristic force bullets to fracture his foot. I know this because they cut to Stern and he was smiling, and there was no reason for him to smile!

Ah, but as a dual laker/clipper fan today was pretty friggin awesome. I still can't decide whether I want them to take Griffin or Rubio. Griffin seems to be the safer bet... but Rubio looked so awesome in the olympics. Then again he did get injured when the Clippers went out to scout him. On top of that I can't really trust the team to properly trade players to get a balanced team so is it better to draft for need this year? I just hope to god they don't take thabeet.

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