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NoBULL...I like that post you put up. Good point on Thomas and him saying he's better suited for SF in the NBA. I had to read that twice when I saw that. SF? Is he serious? I'm tired of reading people say Thomas is just like Swift. Come on guys! Let's be more creative! The Bulls drafting Thomas is just a smoke screen in my opinion. I just can't see it happening. Bargnani would be hard to pass up and so would Aldridge if he was there. I believe both will be better pros than Thomas. Even Morrison would be nice to see. He's more than held his own in workouts against Rudy Gay and Rodney Carney. From what I've read, he's done better than both of those guys. If Gordon can play SG at the pro level, so can Morrison. He's taller. We would need a big man behind him though in case he gets burned. We need another bigman no matter what. Ronnie Brewer in a Bulls uniform would be sweet!
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