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Default Trading Ricky Rubio To Portland

Im sure Portland will make an attempt considering his Spanish Armada teammates are probably telling KP that he can't let a talent like Rubio get away.

Im sure the NBA would love for this to happen btw.

I'm torn on this issue because although I would love for us to draft Rubio because he is an amazing talent but there are reasons against it, we already have a PG we drafted high who is showing signs of becoming very good in the future, Rubio may not want to come to Memphis and have his agents organize a trade elsewhere or he'll remain in Europe, and because some signs point to us being very interested in Hasheem Thabeet and actually drafting him over Rubio.

Portland:Ricky Rubio,Marko Jaric
Memphis:Jerryd Bayless,Travis Outlaw,Rights to Peteri Koponen,#24 Overall Pick,#33 Overall Pick,#38 Overall Pick,2011 1st Round Pick

I think thats fair considering Rubio may become the best PG of the generation, and we fill a few needs and stockpile a couple draft picks to help fill our needs.
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