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Default Re: Trading Ricky Rubio To Portland

Originally Posted by Mississippi
No way Portland and Memphis will be trading partners any time soon.

True. Not after the Miles signing.

Forget the garbage 2nd round picks. This trade is pretty much 2 late 1sts, Bayless, and Outlaw for Rubio. Big gamble on both teams that I'm not sure either team takes. Bayless, Outlaw, and potentially decent rookies won't get the Memphis anywhere. It should improve them, but nothing that they could get them beyond Playoff contenders. Nobody knows how Rubio will turn out, but the Griz need to take some chances at potentially truly talented players if they want to ever be a championship contender. In other words, this trade makes Memphis immediately better, but lowers their ceiling in the future. From the Blazers perspective, we are giving up many pieces for a guy that could really help us in the future, but if he doesn't pan out, we gave up A LOT of potential help.
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