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Default Re: Hint:NBA Rigging Lottery To Give Knicks #1 Pick

Originally Posted by niko
You don't get to call fix and then say "oh, not this year. maybe next time". Probability dictates sometimes the outcomes will be favorable and sometimes not. Admit that you were wrong.

Why is this so hard? The internet is a wonderful thing, it allows people to act stupid, make outrageous claims, and then say they weren't actually wrong as opposed to real life where you'd be laughed at or just slapped across the head for being so stupid.

You were totally wrong, your stupid theories were wrong, everything you said was wrong, and you acted liked morons the entire time not listening to anyone and know you still claim not to be wrong?

Carry on. Far be it from me to **** on your right to be stupid.
reminds me of a song called everything you know is wrong.
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