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Default Re: Michael Beasley vs Blake Griffin

Originally Posted by plowking
The same was said about Beasley dominating his competition, and the question was will it be able to translate to the NBA.

Furthermore, Beasley runs the court far better then Blake. I've watched Blake and he often positions himself far to low on a break, and can't really run one as well as Beasley.

Both are shocking passers.

More intesity? Who cares about that, all that matters is final product. See KG and Duncan for example.

Beasley averaged more blocks in college, as well as steals.

Beasley finished at a higher percentage around the rim I believe (I will try to find the link that said so).

So once again, it has basically come down to Griffin being a better rebounder and that's it.
Your love for Michael Beasley is impregnable, its like you are his agent.

Beasley does not run the court well for a SF/PF, thats not even arguable unless through total bias/ignorance for the truth.
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