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Default Re: Michael Beasley vs Blake Griffin

Originally Posted by plowking
Yep and will be by next season.

To Valliant, you honestly think Beasley is worse then Haslem? Haslem is a glorified bench player, who has been helped throughout his career by Shaq and Alonzo as they were able to cover the glaring defensive holes in his game.

The only reason he wasn't starting was due to Haslem being a captain of the team.

OR...that he refused to be defensively accountable so Spolestra (sp) would nail him to the bench. And I completely agree that Haslem is glorified bench player...someone that a person of Beasely talent (and he is immensely talented) should easily have been able to supplant...but he was immature, lazy on defense, and played selfishly on offense.

Do you really think a Rookie coach, playing to keep his first NBA job, would let a inferior player start out of respect for him being a captain? Over his superhyped #2 pick? Or maybe that player was so immature and stubborn that nailing his ass to the bench was the only way the coach could see to try and teach him some respect for winning ball.

I don't think Beasley is bad...when he plays hard and is focused he is amazing. Fantastic hands and amazing touch on his jumper and around the rim. But it takes more than talent to succeed, especially when you measure success as something more than your individual statistics.

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