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Default Re: Why do people pretend Ricky Rubio is so unathletic?

Originally Posted by joe
It is true that black people score lower on IQ tests on average. But that's attributed to the much higher levels of poverty that they live in. On average, whites and blacks in poverty score about the same on IQ tests. And the average middle/upper class blacks score equal to their white counterparts.

There's also an argument to be made for the cultural biases on those tests.

So there.

Then again Afroamericans have hadve had 400 years of Slavery (plus More...because in Africa there was Slavery and They Picked The Strongest, Most Fertaile Slaves even before the White Man arrived to Africa) soo its more like Over 400 years) rooted in Families Undergoind Constant Excersise in the Farms, Hard Labour, Out In The Outside, Defending Terrains, Living In Nature Breathing the Sane etc instead of Sitting Down on a Desk with a Fat Belly Smocking cigarrs for 12 hours a day for 40 Years of Your Life Undergoind Mental Stress that will effect your Sleeping Patterns, Body Health, Sexual Activity etc. So This labo that has beeng going for the last 1000 has helped that sector of Africans Now African Americans..being at average Stronger than White Ameican race (Per Person). Same in Africa people have alot of physical labor because of the harsh conditions, no water, not great crop terrains etc...but

If one analyizes the same for White Europeans of the Past they where as Strong or Stronger and that would be the same for American Whites if they where forced to go under the same conditions how strong-potenet etc for Years or Years they would be...especially with American Vitamins and Natural Foods they had back then in the 17, 18t and 19th centruy at average better than the Europeans..

Wolrds Strongest Man Comeptition is Dominated by people from East and Northern Europe

Bulgarians, Latvians, Russians, Germans, Polish, Norway, Denmark, Sweden etc

Soccer is dominated by Mosty White People (Germans, Italians, English, Uruguay, Argentina, Dutch, before Poland etc...and then Black and Mullatos: Brazil, France etc It is obvious that Blacks/Mulattos have the Average Leap and Potence at a Superior Level that Whites but Whites have the Superior, Coordination, Feet Touch, Mental Capacity and Precision Under Pressure etc...

Worlds Strongest Man? Whites...

Most Olympican Athletic Whites...Black Cloose...

Basball? Whites dominated historically

Hockey? Whites

Tennis? Whites

Vale Todo? Whites

etc etc..

It all Depends on Many Cultura-Climate and Way Of Life Factores. White have Strength, Skills, Fundamentals, Sports IQ, Coordination, Mental Stability etc at Average Better than Blacks...while Blacks have the Better Agility, Potence, Quickness and 1 on 1 Games in Most Team Sports...but this is rooted in the WAYS OF LIFE OR CULTURE-CLIMATE-WARS-WAY OF LIVING etc that region wen`t through...if other races where put under those Conditions for 100s of years they would evolve similarly eliminating some of their Natural Abilities While Adding New Ones and Substracting other Natural abilities etc...

Today in basketbal...IN THE MOST UNFUNDAMENTALLY SOUND ERA EVER ..WHERE B-BALL IQ, PASSING GAME, INTUITION, SKILLS (not playground 1 on 1 talent stuff) is Vastly Overlooked.

Dirk: Long Distance7`0 Shooter better than Any other 7`0 Black Shooter Player....but that WHY DOESNT THIS GET HYPED? ..because...

Simply...What is More Fun? What is More Marketeable for the Average NBA Fan (who knows less than the cultured one)?



Yeah its Cool to Add some excitement and applaud the Athletic Capacity of the Athleabe but thats JUST 1 FACED OF THE GAME...OF MANY OTHERS...

So Stay of the Race Thing...That Depends on Evolution of People Moving From Different Areas, Climates, Regions, Situations of Ways of Lifes Underging For Years and Years etc etc..

Magic and Bird destroyed the Black and White Archetypes:

"There WIll Never Be a White, Slow, UnLpeaing, Akward Looking Dude to Domainte the Game? Well There Was! BIRD

"Ohh That Globe Trotter thing doesn`t Work in the NBA"...Magic Appeared and It Worked (Cousty a White Man Started, Then The Globe Trotters and Pete Evolved It to the Highest Level!: Bird influenced alot from him)

"Ohh a Slow-Not Much of a Leaper...Black Man Will Set Appart by the Stereo Typical Black Athletic Player"....Magic and put Appart all those Black Dunkers and Leapers..

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