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Default Re: Bobcats for sale?

Originally Posted by Luigi
I realize its just a rumor, but if the cats are being shopped, could I hope to get Okafor from you for Kirilenko? I know you just paid for him and are probably happy with it. Butm, AK's salary doesn't run as long, and that flexibility would be useful for a moving team.

Perhaps I could hope for another offer if we learn that Boozer isn't opting out, then you'd have an expirer on your hands.

Pray tell what would be our motivation to take on an inferior player that costs 6 million more next year? We can almost pay Mek to play for 3 seasons for what AK is owed in 2! one should think this might mean Charlotte would lose the Bobcats. The penalty to move the team is 200 million bucks until 2010. From there it's a very gradual drop to 150 million in 2030.
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