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Default Re: 2009 NBA Draft Workout List

Originally Posted by Interminator
Or they might add him later to get a workout in.

What do they need another combo guard for?

Jarrett Jack is pretty solid off the bench.

Jack's an RFA, no guarantee he comes back. It isn't that they NEED another G, just that what they need most (a big) won't be around worthy of a lotto pick (MAYBE Blair, I don't know if I want him or not). Whatever they may say, it's pretty obvious they aren't content with Ford being the 1 to take them back to contention. He'll be on a 2 year deal (expirer if he stupidly opted out). I expect BPA, and it'll probably be a 1. Holiday's seen as a combo at this point, but he'll be groomed to play the 1, if Indy got him anyway. On defensive potential, a Holiday/Rush backcourt is outstanding.

They're really pretty thin at the 2/3 spots with Daniels soon to be gone and Dunleavy on the shelf for however long. Rush, Granger, ....Stephen Graham?
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