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Default Re: May 25: Lakers @ Nuggets, Game 4 (Round 3)

Game 4 depends on Kobe's energy in all honesty. If Lakers simply keep the game close and Kobe conserves enough energy in the 4th quarter, I think Lakers will win again. If Kobe has too do too much in the 1st 3 quarters just to keep the Lakers close, he might not have enough to bail them out in the 4th, then ball game goes to Denver.

I expect Melo to shoot early and often tomorrow. But Lakers game plan is not to stop Melo, give him the points, but stop the easy dunks, the open 3s.

I think we can expect more touches for Gasol in game 4, if Gasol gets it going, great news for the Lakers because that means, Kobe can just play the facilitator role and look for his offense in the 2nd half. If Gasol struggles, you'll probably see Kobe go out and shoot like 8-20 in the first half just to keep the Lakers close. Or 3-16 and Lakers will be down by like 20 in the first half.
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