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Default A.M.G.'s Mock Draft

Feel free to comment or make your own. This is based on who I would like to see each team take, not necessarily on what I think will actually happen.

1. Clippers - Blake Griffin : Obvious pick, Griffin is a stud, monster rebounder, fantastic finisher around the rim, 6'9 without shoes, and in such a weak draft for star calibre players, the Clippers would have to be the most incompetently managed and coached team in the NBA to screw this up by either trading down or by not being able to use Blake effectively. Oh wait, they ARE, and they WILL. (prove me wrong Clippers, prove me wrong) PS, for anyone saying that Zach Randolph's presence is going to keep Griffin from starting, GTFO and look at this, and this Z-Bo puts up big stats but HE SUCKS. Even Dunleavy isn't that dumb.

Starting Lineup:
C- Chris Kaman
PF- Blake Griffin
SF- Al Thorton
SG- Eric Gordon
PG- Baron Davis

2. Grizzlies - James Harden
: The Grizzlies should use O.J. Mayo as a PG (which is what he really is anyways), admit they made a mistake in 2007 and use Conley as the BACKUP PG, and draft an extremely smart, skilled, and versatile SG in James Harden. This dude will compliment Mayo perfectly as a backcourt partner. They don't need Thabeet at all since they have a very good young center in Marc Gasol, backed up by Darko Milicic (who might suck but is still 7'0 and very athletic). Ricky Rubio doesn't want to play for them, and he wouldn't be a good fit next to Mayo anyways. And although they need a PF more than a SG, unless the Clippers organization are bigger morons than even I think they are and Griffin is still on the board somehow, they would have to go with Jordan Hill, who simply will not help them more than Harden would, and is probably not even worth a top 5 pick. Harden is a very safe pick in a weak draft, they can sleep easy knowing they didn't draft a straight up bust.

Starting Lineup:
C- Marc Gasol
PF- Hakim Warrick or free agent (Boozer? Odom? Marion?)
SF- Rudy Gay
SG- James Harden
PG- O.J. Mayo

3. Thunder - Hasheem Thabeet : Although I do have my doubts about Thabeet's NBA prospects due to the fact that he only began playing basketball at age 15 and is very raw, he is still an athletic 7'2 265lb with very good character and work ethic. He could stand to bulk up a bit so he doesn't get shoved around in the NBA, but his height and athleticism allow him to be an excellent defensive presence and rebounder. The Thunder have been using guys like Nenad Krstic and Robert Swift, both of whom are just walking injuries, and the competent but seriously undersized Nick Collison. They might be a little wary of drafting a foreign center after Petro and Sene, but due to high-level college experience Thabeet is much better (and also happens to be taller) than them and would fit in perfectly with the other young studs in OKC. Harden would also be a good fit here if the Grizz take Rubio or Thabeet.

Starting Lineup:
C- Hasheem Thabeet
PF- Jeff Green or Nick Collison
SF- Kevin Durant
SG- Thabo Sefolosha
PG- Russell Westbrook

4. Kings - Ricky Rubio : Poor, poor Sacramento, Blake Griffin should have been theirs but there was a 75% chance it wouldn't be happening. Worse, they didn't even get the #2 or #3 pick. That hurts like a rigged WCF game or a clutch Robert Whorey three or a career-crippling Chris Webber injury or Shareef Abdur-Rahim suddenly becoming totally useless. The Kings have disintegrated over the past couple of seasons, to the point that they actually felt it necessary to lock up Beno Udrih as their PG. Needless to say, Beno was playing well because he wanted a big contract, and now he totally isn't the kind of starting PG that will take you anywhere. Ricky Rubio is. The kid is a virtuoso. They must take him if he's available. If he isn't Brandon Jennings would also be a nice pick. If the tantalizing prospect of getting Griffin has committed them to taking a PF, they could take Jordan Hill, and they really do need a franchise big, but Hill is not it. He offers little that Jason Thompson doesn't already. Frankly they should pick up a PF through free agency, or else wait another year and draft Derrick Favors or something.

Starting Lineup:
C- Spencer Hawes
PF- Jason Thompson
SF- Andres Nocioni or Francisco Garcia
SG- Kevin Martin
PG- Ricky Rubio

5. Wizards - Jordan Hill : The Wizards are a troubling case, because they already have so much talent. I'm not sure that Jordan Hill brings them anything that Javale McGee doesn't already. Frankly I just think they tanked and would prefer they don't get somethign that really helps them. Also, I want to dump Hill on somebody, because I really don't think anyone needs him as anything more than a backup and I want him out of the way, but this draft is super weak on bigs so I guess he has to go lottery. They could take DeRozan, but he really doesn't give them anything that Nick Young doesn't. They could also take Jennings if they thought they could trade Gilbert away. The Wizards are just troubling, plain and simple. And Hill could actually be useful as a center, Haywood is OK but unskilled and injury- prone.

Starting Lineup:
C- Jordan Hill
PF- Antawn Jamison
SF- Caron Butler
SG- Nick Young
PG- Gilbert Arenas

6. Timberwolves - Brandon Jennings : The T-Wolves are a horribly run team. When you think about it they drafted Brandon Roy and OJ Mayo and could have had that backcourt with Al Jefferson. Instead they traded those two young stars and have Kevin "fat white guy" Love, Mike Miller, and Randy Foye to show for it. All three are classic tweeners and, although decent players, very much not stars. Oh yeah, and Corey Brewer appears to be an astounding bust, unfortunately, so the fail spiral for McHale continues. Drafting Jennings gives the organization some of it's mojo back. Sure they have two 6'8 PFs starting, a 6'6 center in Craig Smith, a 6'6 combo forward in Gomes, plus Brian Cardinal, Shelden Williams, and Jason Collins. They're a wierdly, undersizedly built team to say the least. But drafting Jennings brings excitement and a true PG to the table. They could also go for Tyreke Evans here or DeRozan here if they wanted to move Foye down to PG, or Earl Clark if they wanted to use MnM as a SG.

Starting Lineup:
C- Al Jefferson
PF- Kevin Love or Ryan Gomes
SF- Mike Miller or Ryan Gomes
SG- Randy Foye
PG- Brandon Jennings

7. Warriors - Tyreke Evans : The Warriors are another one of those wierdly built and even wierdlier coached teams. Evans could work very well as a backcourt partner for Monta Ellis. I would really like to see this team get rid of Stephen Jackson though, that dude is a cancer, and a chucker even by Don Nelson standards. Well, it doesn't have to be Jackson, but damn this team has too many wings. Frankly I don't know how to pick for a Don Nelson coached team, because he's too eccentric, fat and senile for anyone to predict how he will use a player or what crazy logic-defying lineup he will throwout there. Clark would be redundant behind Randolph and Wright, and they already use Jackson, Maggette at PF half the time and Kelenna Azibuike as a PF/C despite his being 6'5. They're paying Ronny Turiaf too much to pick any actual big. They could pick a true PG to run things and use Monta as a SG, or they could pick Steph Curry to join his fellow chuckers. They could even pick DeRozan. But Tyreke would be best.

Starting Lineup:
C- Andris Biedrins
PF- Anthony Randolph or Brandon Wright or god knows
SF- Corey Maggette or Stephen Jackson
SG- Tyreke Evans
PG- Monta Ellis

8. Knicks - Stephen Curry : Curry would be perfect for D'Antoni. Just put him at PG and run with it. The kid is exciting and entertaining, and Lebron likes him. The Knicks have a lot of work to do to build a successful team (they still need to move Eddy Curry), but there is no one better for them to pick than Curry. Allows them to let Nate Robinson walk. Wilson Chandler trumps Clark and to an extent DeRozan being picked. The often heroic Curry just brings the most "face-of-franchise" potential than anyone still available.

Starting Lineup:
C- David Lee
PF- Al Harrington
SF- Wilson Chandler
SG- Quentin Richardson or Larry Hughes
PG - Stephen Curry

9. Raptors - DeMar DeRozan : If he's still available at this point, which isn't entirely likely, the Raptors would have to take him. They desperately need somebody to put at SG. I see DeRozan as little more than a Ronny Brewer or Gerald Green (with a better attitude), but they Raptors could really use a player like that. If Harden falls due to his poor NCAA tournament performances he would be ideal for the Raptors, but that's not happening. Tyreke Evans could be a good fit too if he falls a bit. If none of them is available, they might take Earl Clark, particularly if Marion leaves and they plan on acquiring Delfino again.

Starting Lineup:
C- Andrea Bargnani
PF- Chris Bosh
SF- Shawn Marion
SG- DeMar DeRozan
PG- Jose Calderon

10. Bucks - Tywon Lawson : They desperately need a PG, and Lawson just led UNC to a national title. The Bucks have a lot of options here, they could take Jonny Flynn instead, or Jeff Teague, or Jrue Holiday, or even Eric Maynor. Or they could decide Charlie V ain't cutting it and take DeJuan Blair or Earl Clark or James Johnson. But I think Lawson would be the best pick, a hard-nosed leader and scorer.

Starting Lineup:
C- Andrew Bogut
PF- Charlie Villanueva
SF- Richard Jefferson
SG- Michael Redd
PG- Ty Lawson

11. Nets - Earl Clark : The Nets lack a SF, Bobby Simmons and Jarvis Hayes are scrubs. DeJuan Blair at PF would actually be a very nice foil to Brook Lopez but they are jammed at PF with Yi, SWAT, Ryan Anderson, and Ed Najera, plus Blair still feels like a bit of a reach when there is a talent like Clark on the board. James Johnson might fit here better than Clark. However, I pretty much figured Earl Clark had fallen enough.

Starting Lineup:
C- Brook Lopez
PF- Yi Jianlian
SF- Earl Clark
SG- Vince Carter
PG- Devin Harris

12. Bobcats - Gerald Henderson : They Bobcats constantly draft badly, but hopefully this one works for them. They could also take Terrence Williams or even Wayne Ellington here, but Gerald has more stud potential. They desperately need a SG here.

Starting Lineup:
C- Emeka Okafor
PF- Boris Diaw
SF- Gerald Wallace
SG- Gerald Henderson
PG- Raymond Felton or D.J. Augustine

13. Pacers - DeJuan Blair : Their frontline is tall, soft, old and mostly white. DeJuan Blair is the opposite of all those things. They could also take James Johnson here or even T-Will, and apparently some of their fans want Jrue Holiday, whose plan of "milking his supposed potential" seems to already be working despite a mediocre freshman season and being a tweener. This team is messy, mediocre, and in financial trouble, so who knows what they should do (besides getting rid of Jeff Foster and Rasho Nesterovic, they need to play a little more up tempo, it's like Rik Smits ingrained in their head that you need to play a gargantuan dude at center).

Starting Lineup:
C- Troy Murphy
PF- DeJuan Blair
SF- Danny Granger
SG- Brandon Rush or Mike Dunleavy Jr.
PG- T.J. Ford or Jarrett Jack

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