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Default Re: May 26: Cavaliers @ Magic, Game 4 (Round 3)

Originally Posted by plowking
BigTicket, 24 free throws for one man. It's impossible as I was told after the 2006 finals by Mavs, Cavs and Laker fans. It had to be rigged.

I'm not saying it's rigged at all, since I have a little more class then some Cavs, Mavs and Laker fans, though its funny how things change when the balls in the other court.

He shouldn't have gotten 24 freethrows, but then the Magic shouldn't have gotten 51. The refs just called a ****ty game overall.

As for the 06 finals that was not really the same thing. Here you have Magic fans complaining even though they're getting more calls than the Cavs, back then you had Mavs fans complaining when they were getting far less calls than the Heat.
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