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Default Re: May 26: Cavaliers @ Magic, Game 4 (Round 3)

Originally Posted by BigTicket
He shouldn't have gotten 24 freethrows, but then the Magic shouldn't have gotten 51. The refs just called a ****ty game overall.

As for the 06 finals that was not really the same thing. Here you have Magic fans complaining even though they're getting more calls than the Cavs, back then you had Mavs fans complaining when they were getting far less calls than the Heat.

I see where you stand by how quick you are to turn the point of discussion.

As a non bias supporter watching the game and the game thread, I noticed a lot of the complaining from others who are in the same boat as me to be complaining about the calls going in the Cavs favor.

And if you want to play the he say she say game, I can simply say that in the Dallas-Miami series, the refs didn't try to target the other player to get him fouled off like they have in the ORL-CLE series. Orlando without Howard are nothing.
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