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Default Re: Champions League Final Thread

Originally Posted by Knuck the Ficks
No, Chelsea do not deserve to be in the final after their disgraceful performance vs. Barca.

Hiddink substituting Didier Drogba with a defensive midfielder when Chelsea were:

a) up 1-0
b) on home ground
c) playing against ten men

... just summed up the negativity the Blues brought to the game. I nutted when Iniesta scored, it was beautiful.
Disgraceful performance?

You mean the performance that had
A) the greatest goal of the year by the great Essien
B) 2 clear obvious penalties and 2 more that should have been penalties but were 50/50, all these in Chelsea's favor
C) Chelsea creating way more chances PLUS shutting down the supposed "Greatest offensive team of all time" INCLUDING Shutting "The greatest attacking team of all time" infront of 90,000 of their own psychotic fans, the only team to not let them score in nou camp

Barcelona put up the crappy performances for such a hyped side, only scoring one goal and getting bailed out by the payed off referee 40 times.

Chelsea haven't payed as much as United have I seen hippos. Man United's recent trophies are all due to

30 million for Michael Carrick
30 million for Berbatov
30 million for Wayne Rooney
30 million for Rio Ferdinand
30 million for Owen Hargreaves
20 million for Ronaldo
20 million for Nani
20 million for Anderson
8 million each for Fabio and Rafael

It's such a joke. Yet Chelsea is the team that is buying the league?
Not even Chelsea payed 30 million pounds each for over half of their starting 11 plus a garbage bench scrub in Nani.
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