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Default Re: so we got the 6th pick

Originally Posted by Big Al All day
Hmm I would possibly be down with that if Dunleavy is healthy which seems to be a big question. Miller and dunleavy aren't THAT much of a difference.

What about Rush 13 for 18 and 28 and i suppose you could have Miller. (Although I'm pretty sure he is an expirer.)

Dunleavy's health is definitely still a question mark, but doctors have said they can't picture him doing any better and he's back on the floor, just standstill Js though. If that's any condolence. And yeah, Miller and Dunleavy may as well be the same player. You could have our 2nd this year (52) as well, and we've got a couple 2nds next year if you wanted em.

That proposal doesn't work money wise as Miller makes around 9 million and Rush is on his rookie deal.
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