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Default Re: Lakers fans cheering for the Magic have a reality check coming...

Originally Posted by bruceblitz
The Lakers fans who are cheering for the Magic are retards. If I was a Lakers fan I would want to face the Cavs but they are blinded by their hate for LeBron, they just want to see LeBron's team fail even though he's the only player in NBA history to put up 40+ 8+ 8+ in a series, which he's doing so far in this series. Should be cheering for the Cavs. IF the Magic close this series out, which it looks inevitable, you guys will get what you wished for. Be careful what you wish for.

-Lakers suck at defending the pick n roll, the Magic are great at getting open 3 point shots off a high screen

-Lakers will not have an answer for Dwight Howard

-Lakers bigs will be neutralized by Dwight

The Magic will crush the Lakers if LeBron doesn't pull a historic performance to bring the Cavs back in this one (cavs are down by 15 points in the first half as I type this)

End yourself already.
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