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Default Re: Discuss the Magic vs Lakers matchup

Originally Posted by RocketGreatness
Considering the fact that they have Andrew Bynum on that team. Pau won't have to guard him, unless they want to go small. Dwight is just more physical than all of them, which might be different. But the Magic's best offense comes from pick n rolls and shooting 3's. Not Dumping the ball to Dwight Howard and let him do everything, that's what the Rockets best offense is to Yao Ming.

Lakers will let Dwight Howard get his and contain the 3 point shooters. That's what I think is going to happen. You would rather have Dwight Howard get constant 2 pointers instead of risking their 3 point shooters being open. Dwight is not the best offensive big man in the NBA, not even Top 10 for that matter.

He is top 10, he is the most dominant force big man in the NBA. Skill wise there are others that are better but his athleticness and power create problems much like Lebrons but at the center position instead of on the wing.
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