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Default Re: Discuss the Magic vs Lakers matchup

Center position-Orlando has howard but Gasol or Bynum MIGHT be able to slow him down a bit. Let's not forget that gasol is quicker than howard. This might get help the lakers get howard in foul troublw...Advantage-Magic

Forward position-Odom and occasionaly pau VS Turkoglu and Lewis....Odom(if focused) can actually play pretty good defense...Let's not forget about trevor ariza(who'll probably guard turkoglu)...Turkoglu and Lewis on the other hand are not really known as great defenders...Odom's quickness will pose a problem for orlando...Advantage-Lakers

Guard position-Fisher + Kobe VS Alston + Pietrus....Alston might give fisher problems but Kobe's presence will just negate that.....Kobe will be able to defend pietrus well but I think he will need to sacrifice his offense a little bit...Advantage-Lakers

Role players/Bench- The lakers has one of the best bench in the NBA(Walton, Odom, farmar, vuljacic)....The key here is luke walton...he played good in the series against the nuggets, Im just hoping that he'll be able to do it again...Advantage-Lakers

Phil Jackson >>> SVG

I don't think I need to explain this one...Lakers > Magic

The Magic's 3 pt shooting might pose a problem for the lakers but if the lakers focus the way they did in game 6 of the western conf finals, I believe they'll be able to neutralize this...

Lakers in 6...
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