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Default Re: Discuss the Magic vs Lakers matchup

Its true, Lakers may not have an answer for Howard...but the Magic have no answer for Kobe, at all. Howard can not take over a game like Kobe can, you can put him on the line towards the end of games if you have to, although Phil doesnt like that. They have Mbenga and Powell, 12 fouls for Howard on the bench, nice luxury to have.

Gasol will draw Howard away from the paint opening things up for Kobe and Ariza to drive and Odom to rebound. I see brown getting alot more minutes as he is a very good perimeter defender, so is Ariza. They along with Kobe can close out to those 3 point shooters. Phil hates to double team, Cavs did leaving shooters wide open.

Howard is prone to picking up fouls. If he picks up quick fouls and has to sit, forget it. Lakers will open up big leads, God forbid he fouls out of a game. Phil Jackson will also make the correct adjustments and seriously out coach Van Gumby for sure.

Lakers in 6.
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