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Default Re: Posterize's Pro Prospects

Harden's probably one of the "safer" picks in the lottery. You know that when you draft him you're not getting that every year all-star, but you're not getting a scrub either. The guy can play. There are probably a good 12 teams he's capable of starting for as a rookie and contributing fine. I think at the worst he's a Delonte West type offensively. Not someone who completely stands out in the offense but gives you what you ask of him.

James' wingspan (6'11") is also key in helping him get swipes from his opponents. Could someday be a 2 steal per game guy. Personally I'd like to see him be Durant's sidekick, but I'm unsure if the Thunder would go that way (they could go big with Thabeet or if Rubio drops they won't pass on him). Toronto is also a good landing spot for him if he dropped.
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