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Default Re: Ricky Rubio just said that he wont go to the nba if grizziles draft him

Originally Posted by Foster5k
Rubio going to get what he wants or he staying in Spain, where he is getting all the fresh Spanish pu$$y and doing whatever the hell he wants. I would actually stay in Spain, if I was him, but I guess the lure and challenge of coming to the NBA is something he wants.

To Rubio, it's like this...

Rubio > NBA. Rubio is thinking it's a pleasure, for the NBA, to get him. So, of course, they should meet his demands or else.

All I can say is.. whoever ends up with this guy.. it might not be all happy go lucky.. that's all I'm saying.

Indeed, In the that news link, he says ''If there is no good project i won't go to the nba'' he clearly has a good future in spain anyways, And he never said he doesn't want to go to the grizzlies. What he said was ''Lets see what is my option Memphis has #2 pick but that doesn't mean anything'' he also said ''there are possibilities for me to stay in DKV Joventut'' another thing he mentioned was ''I will only go to to the nba if a good team drafts me. IF i go its because i want a better future''
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