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Default Re: Posterize's Pro Prospects

Terrence has the most complete overall game with few weaknesses of any SG/SF in the draft. He's an Andre Iguodala clone. A jack of all trades type with the only thing holding him back is his outside jumpshot, which while still shaky has come a long way in his 4 years. In fact, him playing a full 4 years is what's holding his draft stock so low. This is one of those cases where I hate how the NBA teams become fascinated with players who have shown little (Derozan for example) over guys who have shown and all-around game like Williams.

Williams has the potential to be the guy on team who guards the opposing team's best wing player. He has plenty of size/quickness to guard any SG in the league, and the skill to guard certain smaller SF's. He's a guy who gets plenty of steals and gets out on the break to show his athleticism. Williams should top out as one of the best athletes in the draft.

In my opinion, he should be ranked higher in the draft than what most mocks show him at (in the early 20's) and would rank him well above fellow SG's Tyreke Evans, Wayne Ellington, Chase Budinger, and possibly Gerald Henderson. He ranks #1 from the position in passing, rebounding, and man-to-man defense IMO with shooting/ballhandling the only attributes he's not on top of the list.

The best situations for Williams are Chicago (16) or New Orleans (21), with NO being the best spot. The Hornets only have 1 SG/SF under 30 years old on the team (Julian Wright); ages are Rasual Butler (30), Peja (31), Posey (32), Peterson (31), Devin Brown (30). Terrence could form a great backcourt with Chris Paul and be his running mate in an up-tempo game, while also creating scoring opportunities for the Hornets shooters. His lack of shooting would be hidden with the Hornets good deep-ball threats.

To add to the Andre Iguodala comparison, here's the stats of each player from their last year in college...

Terrence Williams- 33.0 mpg|12.5 ppg|5.0 apg|8.6 rpg|2.3 spg
Andre Iguodala- 32 mpg|12.9 ppg|4.9 apg|8.4 rpg| (can't find Andre's steals, but as a 1.8 spg career # I assume it was a lot)

And their draft combine measurements...

Terrence Williams- 6'5 barefoot, 6'6.25 in shoes, 213 lbs, 6'9 wingspan, 8'7.5 standing reach
Andre Iguodala- 6'5.75 barefoot, 6'6.75 in shoes, 217 lbs, 6'11 wingspan, 8'9.5 standing reach

Very similar stats and size, along with athleticism and style.

Best Case Scenario: 15 ppg|6 rpg|5 apg|2 spg
Worst Case Scenario: Trevor Ariza
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