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Default Re: Ricky Rubio just said that he wont go to the nba if grizziles draft him

I dont like that Wash Wizards lineup.

NY Knicks need to jump in the Ricky Rubio sweepstakes. I'm sure a deal could be done to go from 2 to 8 or 2 to 3 (if Memphis decides to tell Rubio f*ck you).

Or maybe Memphis can draft that overrated prospect Jordan Hill. Much like a trade down with perhaps Wash? Wash takes Hill. Memhis takes Rubio. Swap prospects and other pieces involved is whatever. Much like Portland-Chicago when Tyrus Thomas/Aldridge was traded.

Tons of cool scenerios. I cant wait for the draft because I think this is the most unpredictable of them all. I mean granted the draft usually is. But you have a better understanding where guys will go and so forth. Now? I really dont know outside of Blake Griffin.
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