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Default Re: Its way too risky to draft a European with a top 3 pick

Originally Posted by Mikaiel
Pietrus ? Turiaf ? Gortat ? Kirilenko ? Sefolosha ? Deng ? Batum ?

Turiaf, Kirilenko, & Deng are not european. You need a geopgraphy lesson.

Gortat is a barely okay defender, but just a good rebounder.. so it disguises his faults... but still not a good one. Kirilenko, Sefolosha, & Batum, are not elite defenders... they get torn apart constantly, and are overrated.

Pietrus is the only exception... he has "good" all-around defense. Solid man-man, solid weakside. So I guess my theory is not 100% fail-proof.

Tony Parker ? Pietrus ? Sefolosha ? Rudy Fernandez ?
Sefolosha - Only thing athletic about him is his dunks are OK, but he's not even that good of a dunker... he's not very athletic
Rudy Fernandez - exposed in the dunk contest... not very athletic
Parker - Fast... but otherwise, not very athletic (see: strong, explosive, & vertical)

Pietrus - again, I can be wrong

And as someone already pointed out, none of those guys were a top 3 pick. Most of what I said above is the truth. You've got to be a real gambler to take a euro player with the top 3 pick. Most of the time your fishing for a one dimensional player: offense only.
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