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Default Re: A.M.G.'s Mock Draft

Originally Posted by boozehound
I was gonna say something similar. why do mock drafters assume every rookie is gonna start when most of them will hardly contribute as an every day rotation player their first year. If the pistons start BJ Mullens (they should take Daye anyways if he is there), they will fail even worse than this year.
I know that the vast majority of them won't start, and many won't even be rotation players for a few years. Believe me, I know.

Although if the Pistons get Boozer and draft Mullens, I honestly don't know if it would take that long for BJ to start taking minutes from Kwame. Also, Kwame could opt out this off-season and land himself a contract with some length. So, like, who else are they going to start at center if Kwame were to leave?

Why would you want Daye? That dude is a wimp. He's ****ing 6'11 but only 192 pounds, and I'm starting to think he actually can't put on much more weight, otherwise why not do it? Prove me wrong Austin, prove me wrong.
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