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Default Re: OFFICIAL OFFSEASON: Needs & Questions

Originally Posted by damorulz
been a aussie, i would love for denvor to pick up mills i think his name is, a young aussie PG,
I love Patrick Mills, but I would be very surprised if he didn't go mid-late first round.

Now for my views on the upcoming off-season...

The Nuggets already have close to $70 Million in salary committed to 9 players next season. So, with that said, I doubt Kroenke will want to spend too much money this summer. (Kenyon Martin's contract gives me chills whenever I look at it; anybody find it funny Kiki Vandeweghe took on that contract from the Nets, now works for them?)

Top priority is to re-sign Chris Andersen. There's obviously going to be quite a few teams who are going to make a run at him, and some will probably be willing to overpay. The Nuggets have the advantage because Andersen loves living in Denver, so an offer in the ballpark of another team's should do. If need be, I'd consider using the MLE to get him to stay. We'll see what the market is like for him in a month.

Next up is Linas Kleiza. In my opinion, if somebody is willing to pay him, let him go. He can score, but the games where he does seem to be few and far between. A couple of seasons ago many of us saw him as a player with a ton of potential and promise, but he has yet to improve/expand any aspect of his game. I don't see his departure hurting the Nuggets at all, and if they save money not signing him, it may make it more possible to upgrade at the PG/C position.

Let's touch on Dahntay Jones. Is he offensively challenged? Yes, definitely. He's only effective when cutting, getting out on the break or crashing the offensive boards. You cannot deny that he is a great perimeter defender, and that's exactly what the Nuggets need. Let's be realistic... he doesn't play all the much, the beginning minutes of each half unless he gets some garbage time, so while he's out there the Nuggets have no lack of offensive talent. Bring him back because he does add to your team, and allows you to bring J.R. Smith off the bench for some scoring with their second unit.

Anthony Carter... I don't like him as a back-up PG at all. He brings some tough defense, veteran leadership and can knock down the open jump shot at times, but as a PG his decision making is suspect at best. Too many bad pass and unforced turnovers by simply his bad judgement. Explore other options through free agency (Jason Williams, Stephon Marbury, Ronnie Price, Shannon Brown, Ramon Sessions, etc.) and the draft. Only re-sign AC as a last option if an upgrade is not available.

Sonny Weems' contract is un-guaranteed, but I'd like him to stick around. He was a good college player, put up great numbers during his time in the D-League, and showed some promise when he got minutes with the Nuggets. I think he'll end up being a solid contributor in this league.

Johan Petro & Jason Hart shouldn't be offered anything, unless the Nuggets need to fill out their roster with some cheap players.
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