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Default NBA Draft Combine Athletic results posted

Blake Griffen Tested out as the most athletic forward, which was expected I guess

Jeff Pendergraph and Josh Heytlfelt probably helped themselves a bit

Stephan Curry w/ a 35.5 max vert. Pretty impressive.

Rodrigue Beaubois w/ a 39.5 max vert??
And an 8'4 reach, Meaning he can get his hand 20 inches above the rim??
Not bad for some 6'1

The worst tester by far was Austin Daye.
He had the slowest 3/4 court sprint.
Second Slowest lane agility.
Didn't complete 1 bench rep.
Has a standing vert of 24, and a max vert of 28.

There is probably quite a few guys on this forum who can put up better numbers then that.
Although he did test amazingly good in the length measurements

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