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Default Re: NBA Draft Combine Athletic results posted

Originally Posted by OneMoreSucka
Those numbers aren't close to identical, are you kidding me? I'll give you height, 3/4 sprint, and body fat. The rest are not even close.

There obviously not identical, but they are pretty close.

In reality though, those numbers don't really mean ****.

A better comparison is Blake Griffin vs. Al Horford.

Max Vert
Blake 35.5
Horford 35.5

Bench Press
Blake 22
Horford 20

Lane Agility
Blake 10.95
Horford 12.15

3/4 Sprint
Blake 3.28
Horford 3.37

Standing Reach
Blake 8'9
Horford 8'11

Height W/O shoes
Blake 6'8.5"
Horford 6'8.75

Blake 248
Horford 246

Body Fat
Blake 8.2
Horford 9.1

I pretty much see this as, At Blake Griffens worst he is still a double double.

At his best he is whatever skills he devolps, plus 10-12+ rebounds.
This could be 24 and 12.
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