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Default Re: NBA Draft Combine Athletic results posted

Originally Posted by Jinxed
I'm surprised at this...Tyler Hansborough and Blake are almost identical.

Max Vert
Blake 35.5
Tyler 34.0

Bench Press
Blake 22
Tyler 18

Lane Agility
Blake 10.95
Tyler 11.12

3/4 Sprint
Blake 3.28
Tyler 3.27

Standing Reach
Blake 8'9
Tyler 8'10.5

Height W/O shoes
Blake 6'8.5"
Tyler 6'8.25

Blake 248
Tyler 234

Body Fat
Blake 8.2
Tyler 8.5

If they are so close athletically, with Blake only having a negligable advantage, does that fact that Tyler is more skilled mean we aren't giving him enough credit?

Really interesting observation I haven't thought much about Hansborough, and have basically assumed that he'll be the next Darius Songaila, but this actually makes it look a little bit less insane for Michael Jordan to trade Felton and Wallace for the chance to move up to number two to draft him. Kidding aside, he really does look like a legit NBA power forward on paper, although the weight thing bothers me. Sure, he could put on ten pounds of muscle, but then he'd probably lose some quickness and leaping ability. His best bet would probably be to try to get down to 5% body fat (if that's even possible for him) and replace the weight with muscle, but that wouldn't be easy.
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