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Default Re: Foreign players in the NBA draft

Originally Posted by LJJ
In most professional sport leagues, you can sign with whoever the hell you want, for whatever the hell you want.
Not enter a draft, where if you are one of the best players you will surely land on one of the year in year out ****tiest teams, not even be able to negotiate a contract and having to play there for 5 seasons.

This draft silliness needs to stop.

Football/Soccer is played all around the world. There is not a league like the NBA that all the best players go to. Draft and salary cap are essential for the NBA and it's franchises. It allows most teams to have a star player.

Without draft and salary cap, It would not be fair. Lakers could have a team like:

PG: Paul
SG: Kobe
SF: Lebron
PF: Garnett
C: Howard
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